Descriptive Zoo

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The Zoo

It was cloudy Friday night, and my friend Keri and her mom Mrs.Jenny was coming over at 9:00pm and boy was I happy, but they got here late, but it was fine with me because I was thinking to myself you are going to have to whole day tomorrow and I was so excited. Then they got here we talked and got sleep arrangements set and went to bed late like everyone would do on a Friday night. But it was Saturday and that is went it got weird. We got up and had a delicious breakfast, we had pancakes and cinnamon rolls. After that we got dressed into our bathing suits to go tubing on our boat, but it was really cold and we were so excited we only took 15 minutes to get ready but we left around 30 later. My dad made this funny joke saying take, it takes an hour to get there, but the reality is that it only took 5 minutes.
But we got there and got in the boat after feeling like 5 hours, then we took off. Well, that’s want you would think, but the boat would not start and then re was smoke coming out of the motor and It would not start so we had to go home with the whole car disappointed, but my dad said that we could do something instead, so, we were all excited to go home and pick another place to go to and have my dad's special hamburgers, well at least that is what he said but it was really just bought and made but it is special to me. The hamburgers were delicious, my dad even cooks the buns, and did I mention the hamburgers were grilled, well they were. Then Keri and I were think about what we wanted to do. To be honest, it is harder than it sounds. But the options we came down to is Dave and busters, the zoo, and sky zone. We talked it over at lunch.
But we ended up going to the…. Zoo. After we were cleaned everything up we got on the road, but it was only 21 minutes away, at least it was on the way there. Then we got to the zoo and I could see the giraffes lifting their heads over the shed. The only downside was it was packed, although I would not be surprised because it was a Saturday. We got in it was not too bad of a line it was only about 5 minutes. Then we payed and got in. There was so much there I was almost overwhelmed. I thought to myself what should we look at first, but it was pretty

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