Desertification In The United States Essay

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Causes of Desertification in the United States of America Desertification is the change of land once suitable for agriculture into a desert. This progression changes arable land into a desert unequipped for the growth of crops and farming practices. Dry land affects millions of people lives because the land becomes unsuitable for agriculture so the people cannot grow crops, therefore, they cannot feed them self or their livestock. Which leaves the people without food. Desertification also causes problems in the food chain. Three main causes of desertification are drought, deforestation, and Overgrazing Drought is a period of below average rainfall in a specified region resulting in prolonged shortages in its water supply. Drought in the West is a long-lasting concept where a single dry year does not make a drought. Drought is a big problem because it leads to plant dying and when the plants die the animals also die because they have nothing to eat. Which leads people to die because they lack food. California and Arizona are currently suffering from a drought problem.
Deforestation is clearing Earth forests on a huge scale, often leading to the damage of the quality of the land. Maine, Vermont, and over a dozen other states make up the nation Northeast region.the amount of reforestation in that region is
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The three major causes are drought, deforestation, and Overgrazing. Desertification in the United States of America is a serious issue because the process of Desertification includes climate issues and soil issues which lead to plants not growing and plants not growing leads to livestock not having food which leads to us the humans not having any food to eat. We need to stop desertification not only in the united states of America but the rest of the world too because we need to preserve our plant fo as long as we can so not for us bu also for our children and
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