Desertification,Drought and Loss of Arable Land Due to Global Warming

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Global warming refers to a clear and constant increase in the temperature of the earth’s climate. Scientists agreed that there are several reasons caused the global warming. For example, human activities, such as mining, industry and agriculture contributed to release the carbon from soil. Soil is rich in precipitated carbon content it saved thousands years ago, and green house effect. United Nations held many conferences to discuss global warming, control it and eliminate it, many decisions made, but the remedy is not active or not equal to the size of problem.
Global warming is, inevitably, the main reason for the raised temperature of the planet earth that led to worse and worst results. This phenomenon affecting the earth’s surface and the atmosphere, shall be discuss and explore from many angles according to each situation and the probable solution to the problem, to find out best ways to treat each problem individually, and apply final general resolution.
Greenhouse gases, the majority appear from the combustion of fossil fuels in factories, electricity production and cars. The main gas is carbon dioxide. Other gases such as methane, freed from cultivation and landfill, fertilizers release nitrous oxide, gases from industrial processes, also, lose of lunges of earth, the forests.
Temperature increased; as a result, ice is melting, worldwide and earth’s frozen poles, consequently, sea level rising, snowfalls, flooding and rain increased, animals and insects…

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