Desideratum Research Paper

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Many people think that everything and everyone relies on a clock,alarm or their phone to go throughout the day. “Dont watch the clock;do what it does”( Levenson,Sam).Something relating to my desideratum is due dates ,people worry about paying their bills on time to that their light or phone bill won't cut off . So they have to constantly work ,work and more work not even realizing that they haven't even enjoyed life for once . Relating to my own life I keep moving forward no matter how long I have to wait or how stressful it is because I know deep down that it will come my way. Either college or getting my license , I need to enjoy every minute of it ,and don't rush.
Don't stay watching the clock hoping that your day at work or your miserable
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Some conflicts I might encounter along the way is if I’m taking test or an exam the time will fly away or if I'm in class ,doing something i don't really care for the time will take its time . I feel as though the time isn't fair .But in reality the time is balanced ,and I just got to realize that, that's what keeps the world going round and round.How I will remain true to my vision is praying and believing I could continue vmy desideratum “ Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.”(Sutherland,Chantal).So either how stressful I am ,or If I am having the time of my life i will continue to pray and believe in myself to stay true to my desideratum throughout my
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