Design A Knowledge Management ( Km ) System For The Bank Of Greece

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1. Introduction:
The main objective of this report is to design a knowledge management (KM) system for the Bank of Greece. This KM system is assembled of many different components, which work together in a coordinated flow and can contribute to the bank’s successful implementation of a new business environment. First, the opportunity related to a new virtual environment is described. Next, a solution is offered for how the bank should develop its culture and share knowledge within the organisation to improve its working environment. Knowledge creation methods and strategies for delivering the captured knowledge using a delivery interface are given. Further, KM roles and responsibilities are analysed to divide the workload within the
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Culture creation:
1. Director’s opinion and preferences:
A director’s opinions are usually tied to the personality, background and values of the board of directors. These opinions are useful in creating a road map for change.
2. Client requirements: e-Banking requirements for clients should be analysed carefully to ensure they provide clients with fast and reliable service. Client requirements will include:
• Security: Security for online transactions and a refund policy in the case of fraud/money loss.
• Easy access: Clients should be able to easily access the new virtual system with their devices.
• Good interest rates: The bank should provide clients with maximum interest rates for their savings plans, compared to the previous system.
Help desk: 24X7 access to helpline with phone or online enquiries and emergency backup services.

Culture creation Culture maintenance

3. Previous bank assets: Assets such as experienced employees with good social relationships and networks with customers will play an important role in attracting new customers to the bank. These assets will also be useful in designing a new automated system with consideration to guidelines of the previous system. Previous conditions and rules should be used to develop a web portal for new online department management.
Culture maintenance:
As a bank matures, its cultural values

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