Design A Year 1 Mathematics Learning Experience

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Professional Plan Measurement and Geometry The purpose of this assignment is to design a Year 1 mathematics learning experience which integrates some aspects of Measurement and geometry. This assignment will use the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Curriculum (ACARA) where mathematic curricula integrate location and transportation with technology ‘engaging students in a multi-modal dynamic learning experience’ Mulligan (2015).The requirements of Grade 1 Measurements and Geometry states the following units should be addressed. This proposal will consist of ‘Direct Instructions’ relating to directions, the use and understanding of mathematical location, and terminology. Children will develop problem-solving and investigation skills through scaffolding to navigate different ways to a pre-planned location. In Year 1 for Measurements and Geometry/ Location and Transport, students should be able to ‘Give and follow directions to familiar locations’ (ACARA, 2016). According to the curriculum, the students should also understand the importance of directional words and their meanings, such as forward, backward, under, right turn and also left turn. Additionally, students should understand the reason why people give and follow directions from one place to another. Following directions can also include turns, as well as distances. One example would be directing a person to the nearest school location. Without prior knowledge or a set of directions, there is
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