Design Analysis : Design + Photography Got A Call From A Young Entrepreneur

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PalbergWERX Design + Photography got a call from a young entrepreneur about to hard launch his business in asphalt painting. He was looking for a Vancouver design agency to build his logo and he found me online and liked the way I differentiated myself from the competition. He had been in the construction sector for a number of years and, as you might imagine, he was direct and to the point. He asked, 'Why do you offer service XX for this dollar amount, I called a number of Vancouver agencies that are asking much more, etc. ' Well, I offer a specific 'budget logo ' option that is separate from my main business. This is a no frills and limited service I currently provide to attract new customers. My freelance business is new (really not…show more content…
I have a prepared list of questions that I let my client review before our initial discovery meeting so he could begin thinking about his business and how to inform me as well. A large part of the value that PalbergWERX brings, beyond 25 years experience, is taking the time to understand my client 's business. I spend time asking questions about both how he is different from his competitors and how he perceives his company, questions the he may never had to articulate and it is insightful for both of us. In this case, he was unique in that all his competitors are family businesses and he wanted to project an image of modern quality products and services as well as the ability to do unique custom jobs. Also, I noted that his customers would be large corporations or professional managers - so, trendy or nostalgic designs would not be appropriate. The initial steps in any branding effort is to do the appropriate research and in this case I watched a lot of youtube videos on how the process of asphalt striping was done, the equipment used as well any peripheral information that I could glean that might help set the tone or mood of this specific industry. The client had a couple of business name choices which we discussed at length and indicated that he was also open to small changes to his name. The company was to be called 'We Stripe Parking Lots LTD '. Like many creatives, I start with my sketch book and began just writing the company
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