Design And Analysis : The Realty World Things Are Different From What We Learned And Studied

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Applications In the realty world things are different from what we learned and studied in the schools. It is required more skills, experience, and knowledge. One of the things I have to learn as a software engineer is how to make applications and what is the steps are required to make that project. There are four main stages planning, design and analysis, implementations, and support. This steps will be the gaud line for programmer who wants to create project, and what he should do to and which people who will cooperated with him to create the project. Planning Planning is the first stage in the project. Usually, sales and market department decide which project will make benefits for the company. Also, the needs of clients and customers…show more content…
The scope is the extent of the project or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant. It is decide the goal and the benefits and the functions of the project. Finally, documentation is the last step on the planning stage. It is very important to know the role of each team and the goal and benefits from the project. Design and Analysis First, the requirements of a desired software product is the first task in making it. It requires professional software engineers to design and analysis the project, and recognizing the requirement for creating the project, and discover the missing and incomplete pieces in the project. Prototyping is the early sample of the program. The prototyping should be smaller to what the company want. The designers made the prototyping to see what the project looks like and are the missing pieces in the project. After that, the testing step. The testing step is very important step to try the project and sees the effect of it. The designers and analysts will test the project to find any loop holes, bugs, or any wrong codes or entry and fix the project. Beta version it is one of the important steps. It the project is available for testing by numbers of users outside the company, and contact with them to observe the problem, errors and the issues in the project before it’s officially release. For example, Microsoft released some beta versions for Windows 10 before they officially release

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