Design And Art As Deconstruction And Narrative

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In my essay I am going to discuss and imply such important topics used in design and art as deconstruction and narrative. Firstly, I am going to analyse two randomly selected pictures in terms of colour, design, style and my own view and opinion. By using some art and photography techniques and representations I will try and describe both pictures to the core and in detail and then, using gained details and qualitative data will try and create a link, a narrative between them. I will later present these two pictures to random individuals and assess what narrative they see and what conclusions they made my assessing the details of the photograph and a painting. it is essential to note that some of the respondents will be already aware of one of those images and this may bias their views to some extent and, therefore, their answers and stories may vary from the ones who do not know the famous painting. After i assess the results and compare them to mine, i will choose the final third picture to finilise the whole narrative and make it clear to anyone who looks at those three pictures. I will compare the stories and results and try to evaluate the findings. The painting shows a human figure, screaming in despair. The man depicted in the sky which is a blood-scarlet. Also generalised landscape background in present. The painting definitely has denial harmony of contrast colours and shapes, that saturate their philosophical work of disappointment and loneliness. However, form

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