Design And Cross Pollination Of Fields And Practices

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It is believed that due to the high level of risk undertaken by the client and intrusted in the designers that it is now a safer option to put the contractors in the driving seat rather than the architects who simply provide the design (Jamieson.C, 2010and that larger multidisciplinary practices containing architects, surveyors and contractors would be even more prevalent in fifteen years time because they are able to carry the risk on behalf of the client (Jamieson.C, 2010). So surely if architects are no longer trusted or believe in themselves there is no longer a need for them to carry out certain duties or training? If an architect no longer carried the same responsibilities then there is no need for them to work in the same methods. However, within the Architect community, there is much taboo about delegating design and cross-pollination of fields and practices. Andrew Barraclough, group design director for Wates believes that ‘I don’t think an architect can work effectively unless they see their work through to completion. Otherwise, how does one learn from the mistakes that one makes?’ (RIBA for Clients, 2015) This supports a large consensus of the community where many believe that ‘architects to coordinate the team because they have the overall vision.’ (James Pellatt, head of projects at Great Portland Estates (RIBA for Clients, 2015) however, surely this vision is near apparent from the beginning, surely other contractors and design members can take the pressure…
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