Design And Design Of A Green Building Fundementals 11

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TABLE OF CONTENTS DESIGN BRIEF 3 PASSIVE DESIGN FEATURES 3 ACHIEVING PLANNING REGULATIONS 7 GREEN BUILDING FUNDEMENTALS 11 Embodied Energy Assessment 11 Potable Water Conservation/ Recycling Features 12 Rain Water Harvesting 13 Operational Energy Conservation Strategies 15 STRUCTURAL DESIGN 16 Structural Design Philosophy 16 Critical/Preliminary Member Sizes 17 REFERENCES 20 HOUSE DRAWINGS 25 PD1 – INTERIOR LAYOUT DESIGN 25 PD1 – INTERIOR LAYOUT PLAN 26 PD1 – WINDOW & DOOR 27 PD2 – SITE EVELVATION 28 PD2 - BUILDING ELEVATION 39 S01 – FOUNDATION LAYOUT PLAN 30 S02 – UPPER FLOOR FRAMING LAYOUT 31 S03 – ROOF FRAMING LAYOUT 32 S03 – TRUSS DESIGN 33 S04 – WALL FRAMING LAYOUT 34 PD2 – SERVICES CONNECTION 35 1.0 DESIGN BRIEF The proposed single development is located within the Monash City Council subdivision lot number 56. It is designed as per the planning provisions stipulated in the Monash City Council Guidelines. Lot number 56 is a 926 m^2 block with an 8% slope towards the back fence. Additionally there is a 3m easement along the back fence for surface drainage. All services (gas, water, electricity and communications) are located at the right hand side corner of the plot (looking from access road). Drive way access is located at the left hand corner of the plot (looking from access road). The proposed house is a double storey, 3 bedroom dwelling

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