Design And Design Of Design History

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Design plays a significant role in people lives. Design contains a range of areas such as: architecture, landscape, fashion and graphic etc. Judging from the large number of exhibition, museum and modern building appears in recent year that people seems to put more emphasis on their visual artistic effect and design. Margolin (1992, P105) said, “The importance of design history has also been increasingly recognized by design professionals”. This means design history is necessary for contemporary designers to study early and use the knowledge to their works. Understanding design history may help designers cultivate the development of actual methods and the ideas may help them to deal with the issues from design (Meirelles & isable, 2013). Design history is a process of continuous evolution. Contemporary designers get new and creativity ideas based on the historical link between present and past. They create their own design not only through the reference of history but also according to the design principles and technical research as well. Design history could help contemporary designers getting to the next level due to the artistic appreciation and conceptual be improved. This essay will investigate three different reasons of the significance of design history, which is direct references or borrowing the ideas, know the significance relationships between design and the cultural or religious and be able to have the design concept of sustainable development. It will also

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