Design And Design Of Vehicle Road Sign

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Design and Prototype of an In-Vehicle Road Sign
Delivery System using RFID
Aritra Paul*
, Nischit Bharadwaj*
, Arjun S Bhat*
, Sameera Shroff*
, VenkateshSeenanna*
, Prof. Sitharam TG#
*Department of Instrumentation Technology, R.V College of Engineering
R.V Vidyaniketan Post, 8th Mile, Mysore Road, Bangalore 560059, Karnataka, India
#Chairman, CiSTUP, Indian Institute of Science, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560012, Karnataka, India
Abstract— The following paper documents the development of an RFID based system that alerts vehicle drivers about approaching road oddities at an optimum distance before encountering them. The objective is to design a wireless system that delivers road signs (and other road-related information) to the commuter inside his/her vehicle visually and aurally, at an appropriate distance before encountering the corresponding road aberrations. The final aim is to bring about a change in the current road safety paradigm by providing a more efficient and ergonomic electronic alternative to static road signs. In addition to reducing dependency on road signs, the device will also aid in averting accidents and traffic jams, and in better implementing traffic law and order.
Keywords – RFID, Active Tags, UHF, beacon rate, LCD module,
UART, Arduino, road oddities, road signs, traffic safety
The hassles of vehicular commuting in crowded metropolitans in developing countries are many – having to wait hours together in traffic jams, taking tortuous

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