Design And Develop The Hip Prosthesis With Cementless Fixation For Specific Breeds Of Dogs

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As mentioned in the first chapter, this research aims to design and develop the hip prosthesis with cementless fixation for specific breeds of dogs. In order to find the solution systematically, several steps need to be taken as follows; 3.1 Data acquisition phase In this phase, it is necessary to study and investigate in depth in order to clarify what are the problems, the root causes and the requirements as well as other obligations. 3.2 Systematic design phase The result of the previous step will be extracted to many concepts for the solution. All possible concepts will be evaluated. The most optimum concept will be chosen as a basic concept for further functional, embodiment and detail design. Thereafter, FEM analysis will be applied…show more content…
The former is requirements which must be met under all circumstances. On the other hand, if any of these requirements are not fulfilled the solution is not acceptable. Wishes are requirements that should be taken into consideration whenever possible. 3.2.2 Conceptual design The conceptual design step involves the establishment of function structures, the search for suitable solution principles and their combination into concept variants. It consists of several states as shown in figure 3.2. Figure 3.1: Checklist for setting up a requirement list [69] Figure 3.2: Steps of conceptual design [69] Abstract to identify the essential problems The requirements (specifications) must be abstracted step by step to identify the essential problems; Step 1: Eliminate personal preferences. Step 2: Omit requirements that have no direct bearing on the function and the essential constraints. Step 3: Transform quantitative data into qualitative data and reduce to essential statements. Step 4: Generalize the results of the previous step. Step 5: Formulate the problem in solution-neutral term. Establishment of function structure In this state, the result of the last state will be converted to functions. In addition, it is possible to indicate an overall function based on the flow of energy, material and signals. Using of a block diagram, they can be expressed the solution neutral relationship between inputs and outputs. Figure 3.3: Symbols
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