Design And Evaluation Of A Collaborative Learning Environment

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Collaboration References
Design and evaluation of a collaborative learning environment
This research showed that friendship and meaningful learning tasks helped to promote individual accountability and positive interdependence, and the use of progress reports and product versions was useful for coordinating and monitoring the learning process. However, the study concludes that additional strategies might be needed for more effective collaboration to take place. My theory of incorporating test results into the mix may be what’s needed!(Wang, 2009)
Factors Influencing Creativity in Virtual Design Teams: An Interplay between Technology, Teams and Individuals. This study looks at the configuration of virtual teams working on a design project.
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This paper explores the nature of helping behavior within peer-directed small groups that may be most effective for learning, especially for students who have difficulty with the material. Drawing on examples from recent research on student learning in collaborative mathematics classrooms in a US middle school, we identify student behaviors that are necessary for effective help seeking and help giving, as well as responsibilities of teachers in establishing classroom conditions that bring about effective helping behavior. The findings show that effective help seekers ask precise questions, persist in seeking help, and apply the explanations received; effective help givers provide detailed explanations of the material as well as opportunities for help recipients to apply the help received, and monitor student understanding. These critical helping behaviors reflect the constructivist views embodied in Piagetian and Vygotskian perspectives on learning in social contexts.(Webb & Mastergeorge, 2003)
A Strategy For Helping Students Learn How to Learn. The thing most interesting to me about this study is its title. I believe that helping students learn how to learn is the most important outcome for a high school education. This study will shed some very important light on potential strategies for grouping students because it does discuss small learning groups, and it also does some
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