Design And Fabrication Of Hybrid Cooler

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Design & Fabrication of Hybrid Cooler
Shashank Chauragade1, Mukul Kshirsagar2, Nrupesh Rewatkar3, Sanket Kale4, S.R. Rathod5
1, 2,3,4 Under Graduate Student, 5Assistant Professor
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Collage of Engg. & Research, Nagpur, India, 441110 Abstract— Now a days, global warming is one of the serious concern for environment to get protected from it every one is taking help of technology by the means of different types of refrigeration system for comfort food process, medicines, blood storage, humidity control, etc. use of refrigeration system not totally green or ineffective environment, if we can use proper eco-friendly refrigerant in refrigeration system and make number of refrigeration system less. Then it is not long way to be resolve global warming issue. In Indian middle class and poor families cannot afford all types of refrigeration system like a ac, refrigerator, air cooler, etc. generally they purchase only air cooler. To solve this we can integrate refrigeration system of ac, refrigerator and air cooler in one product. So, that it cans multiplication and can we say as multifunctional refrigeration system. This type’s product various components are used like as compressor, condenser, capillary tube, evaporator, motor, fan, etc.
Cooling systems or air conditioning systems are going to be in detail description in the following report not only because of their high energy consumptions; these systems also have huge impacts on the

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