Design And Implementation : Fixing The Bugs From The Previous Iteration

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Iteration 2

Design and Implementation
Fixing the Bugs from the Previous Iteration
Before I started on the core functionality of the second iteration I worked on the bugs from the results of the testing from the previous iteration. The main one being how the application would not authenticate user types when logging in. This feature would be important for the second iteration to be a success. To resolve this issue I researched reasons why this error could occur with the results being that I had faltered on two main aspects.
• I had forgotten to close of a comment correctly in my file, this meaning that the code assumed the commented line was that of php code and attempted to implement it causing an error when linking to the database.
• I placed my IF statement to confirm role types into the wrong file and as such the code tried to confirm the role type before the user actually logged in.
Once these aspects were worked upon the application correctly found the role type of the user and redirected them to their correct home page.

Creating Tutorial Upload and View Pages
For my second iteration I decided to work on the core feature of my application which was to allow administrators to upload tutorials and for users to be able to view them. For this iteration I had to really think about the layout I was going to use to show information and how the application would interact with the database. Especially as I had never attempted this style of implementation
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