Design And Implementation Of A Defense Security Perimeter System

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Design and Implementation of a Defense Security Perimeter System
Network security is becoming an increasingly important concern for small and midsize companies. A breach in internal or external security can severely damage a company’s most important operations, hampering productivity, compromising data integrity, reducing customer confidence, disrupting revenue flow, and bringing communications to a halt. This paper examines some of the new security challenges that confront small and midsize businesses today, and discusses how defense security perimeter solutions for wired and wireless networks. Information security (InfoSec) is the protection of information and its critical elements, including the systems and hardware that use, store, and transmit that information. To protect information and its related systems, each organization must implement controls such as policy, awareness training, security education, and technical controls. These security controls are organized into topical areas, and any successful organization will be able to integrate them into a unified process that encompasses this. (Whitman, 2011) MD Security Perimeter Consultants is a midsize company with 400 employees that specializes in business to business products and services. Because all the business is with other businesses they Information Security controls have to be simple, top of the line and scalable. In this paper, MD Perimeter Security Consultants will explain how Network, Physical, Personnel,
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