Design And Implementation Of Design Based Research Essay

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Design based research (DBR) can be summarized as “a systematic but flexible methodology aimed to improve educational practices through iterative analysis, design, development, and implementation, based on collaboration among researchers and practitioners in real-world settings, and leading to contextually-sensitive design principles and theories” (Wang & Hannafin, 2005, p. 6). This definition provides a concise overview of the ever emerging methodology and indicates that work of this type can lead to the production of contextually-sensitive theories. What should not be overlooked is that theory is not only a product of such work, but theory is often used to guide the design and implementation of design based research (Hoadley, 2004; Russell, Jackson, Krumm, & Frank, 2013). Basically, theory can be intertwined through every phase, including but not limited to the development, design, implementation, and analysis phases. Theory can guide the design, be embodied in the design, and be a result of the design.
Taking the position that the role of theory should be vital to design based research and intertwined in every phase of design based research, the purpose of this paper will be to review two articles to gain a better understanding how theory plays a role (or could play a role) in such work. After a brief summary of both articles, the role of theory, how theory guides the research, how theory is embodied in the research, and how theories are products of the research,…
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