Design And Implementation Of Modern Home / Office Network Monitoring Project

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Chapter4: Design and Implementation
In previous chapter the requirements, domain and technical analysis are done to capture the granular requirements build as component architecture. This section provides high level design (HLD) of the components and steps on coding and implementation.
High Level Design
The high level design of modern home/office network monitoring is illustrated in the diagram below. Figure 4.1 High Level Design
The major components of this diagram are listed below.
2. Rule Engine
4. SMS
5. Email
6. Raspberry Publisher
7. AWS Mobile Controller Panel
AWS-IOT Project Setup
In this project, 6 things are followed for creating network monitoring project. AWS has provided user friendly interface through which below things are created.
Step Icon Purpose
Create a ting This is a project name to represent the device in the cloud. After creation of the thing, AWS set the name in the registry so that things can be shadow for Raspberry device. This provides the attributes which help to make search faster for other users.
Create a thing type This is optional setting with default as “No Type”. This is used to club the things for registry reference purpose. In this project type of thing is kept as default because there are not multiple things.
Create a rule This is the rule engine which connects with Raspberry Pi for code execution. In this project IoT rule connects with Raspberry Pi using Python Phaho code.
Use my certificate This is a…
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