Design And Management Of Networks

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Design and Management of Networks By Name: Course code+ Name: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Introduction NGN Co. is one of the leading and fastest growing online consulting corporations in the biosphere specializing in the telecommunications and networking industry (Plunkett, 2014). Based on the dynamism with which technology is advancing, the number of expected and the often set goals are increasing which must be achieved in an attempt to keep the company up and running. One of the major areas that need proper attention and updating is the networking department. Maintaining the highest level of dynamism and security in the integrated network is critical especially with the recent developments in technology (Lavan,, 2007). Further, the company has recently experienced growth in their customer base and size and as such increasing the possible challenges most likely to face the network. As such, it would be necessary for the company to develop a more integrative network architecture design to continue enjoying the positive growth both currently and in the days to come. This paper seeks to present a more concrete network architecture design that improves on the current network infrastructure of NGN Co. to integrate the most recent wireless technologies for better and more reliable connectivity within the organization and to the outside world (Walters et al., 2007). This does not only take focus on providing better service for their
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