Design And Operation The Parent Organization Completes Projects Within The Basic Functional Structures

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Advantage1 - functional approach:-
1) Without drastic change in the design and operation the parent organization completes projects within the basic functional structure.
2) In different functional units only appropriate specialists are assigned temporarily to work on the project and get back to their normal work.
3) Maximum flexibility in the use of staff.
4) In most crucial aspects of the projects, in depth expertise are brought in.
5) In functional division a normal career path is maintained whereas specialists are making significant contributions to the project focusing on the professional growth and advancement.

Weaknesses - functional approach:-
1) In the project all the functional units have their own core department works, difficulties occur when the project has different priorities for different units.
2) To meet the primary obligations sometimes you have to keep your responsibilities aside.
3) Functional specialists are least bothered about the total project and they are concerned only with their segment.
4) It is a slow process, it will take long time to complete the project.
5) Lack of communication, which brings conflicts in.
6) Due to lack of ownership the project is seen as burden because everyone is concerned with their own segment.

Advantages - matrix approach:-
1) It works effectively by sharing their resources across multiple projects and within functional unit.
2) Giving strong project focus a project manager has responsibilities of coordinating and…
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