Design And Prototyping For The Same Problem Space Essay

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In this essay, I will introduce what I did in this semester of this course, and also will outline what I learnt from this course and in the process of the design and prototype making. Meanwhile, I will reflect what I would to do if I met the iteration of design and prototyping for the same problem space. And in the last part of this essay, a reflection analysis of the project, which related to the theoretical context provided by the lecture material and self-directed research will be provided in this essay. PROJECT DESCRIPTION (INDIVIDUAL PART) In the beginning of this semester, everyone in this course are asked to come out a project idea, and it is about produce a social and web/mobile technologies can be applied in way which can help people that can doing something differently in some domain, and the domain in this task is “news”, in other words, we need design a web/mobile technology that can innovate “news”. In my personal project idea, it is about an app, which can explore news around you. As the most important part of this semester, each team in DECO3500 is asked to pick one project idea from all students in course and develop it. And I am in team Shakespeare that is a harmonious and friendly team, and four members are work hard in whole semester. Team Shakespeare is focus on a brand-new mobile application “Shake Shake“; it is an Mobile application which could save users’ time within a build-in news search function to explore the news around the user through

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