Design And Structure Of A Computer System

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464 –Software Architecture

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1. Architecture: The overall design or structure of a computer system with hardware and the software required to run it. (Or) A fundamental design of computer hardware, software, or both. Importance of Architecture for software product

• Build to change instead of build to last
• Understand the end user requirements and the domain before designing project
• Find sub-systems in product and consider layers and components to abstract them and identify the key interfaces
• Use an increasing and relative approach to designing the architecture
• Documenting decisions and identify key risks
• Delivery of higher quality at a lower price
• Reuse of code will help to faster software development
• Incremental code optimization There are three reasons for developing software architecture. 1. Communication among stakeholders. Stakeholders are important for mutual understanding, discussions, agreement, and communication.
2. Consider how the application may need to change over time to address new requirements and challenges and construct a new design which is flexible.
3. Understand the key engineering decisions and the areas where mistakes are most often made. Understand in getting these key decisions right the first time so that the design is more flexible and less likely to be broken by changes.

2. A viewpoint is a collection of designs, templates, and…
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