Design And Your Company's Reputation

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Design and Your Company’s Reputation Design and Your Company’s Reputation As mentioned earlier. Harvard Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter determined that people can make up their minds about websites within the first 50 milliseconds after arriving on a given site. Many of these impressions must occur subliminally to register so quickly, and they could be grossly unfair and inaccurate in their assessments of websites and companies. Welcome to the competitive world of B2B marketing. People -- even professional business buyers -- come with a full complement of prejudices, preferences of color and design and ulterior motives for visiting a website. If browsing customers don 't find what they want within a short time, they 'll just move on to another site. Fortunately, website owners aren 't stuck with a static design or limited to the same display features when they carefully segregate the people who visit the site. Customer interfaces can be customized to generate personalized screen displays for different types of customers to reinforce making the best possible impression. Design and functionality are inseparably intertwined, but many B2B companies haven 't embraced the concept that their websites need to offer all the design features that B2C companies offer and empower customers and stakeholders to use their dynamic eCommerce platforms for more than just placing orders. Web design statistics reveal a number of interesting, actionable insights for B2B marketers. People not
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