Design Architect : An Architect

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What is an architect? They 're so many fields you can find yourself choosing from its wide-ranging to identify what an exact architect is, basically, an architect are people who spend much of their time in space planning, and designing buildings, schools, houses, and other structures for companies or people. You come down to the fact as being an architect you will accompany many people over your career, which leads to my next point.
To be an effective design architect, there are certain characteristics are required to do the job well. For starters, you must have healthy communications with your employees and your clients, it 's the most important aspect you must obtain a smooth, yet professional relationship throughout the process. Being an architect you ought to have the capability to listen and understand the work area, you also need to be able to communicate your thoughts and exchange your ideas for solving certain obstacles that may surface. As for any career you want to be successful at what you 're doing, as a design architect you must communicate with your stakeholders (A person, group or organization that has an interest or concern in an organization.), also your technicians, and with that being said it 's necessary that you take time to observe and learn how well you learn in different perspectives, In some cases people learn through written communications while others learn by visual or verbal communication, it all depends on the type of person you are but you
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