Design Concept Package For An Outdoor Music Festival Essay

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BAP-330 SOUND REINFORCEMENT DESIGN CONCEPT ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTED BY: ABHILASH ARAVINDAKSHAN DESIGN CONCEPT PACKAGE FOR AN OUTDOOR MUSIC FESTIVAL INTRODUCTION An Outdoor Music Festival is always exciting. It also helps people connect through music and also make some money. A music festival is a great way for the musicians to expose their skills to the local people and also can make contacts. The package that I selected for the Sound Reinforcement Design Concept is “Design Concept Package for an Outdoor Music Festival”. A Live Event is an important part in the music industry and the Live Music industry has been growing leaps and bounds during the last few years. Organizing an Outdoor Music Festival is no mean task. Starting with creating a team, Finding a place to create an event and also finding sponsors, Lots of Marketing, Managing the food and drinks during the event are some of the process involved to organize a music event. Some organized successful music festivals are “Tomorrowland”, Linkin Park’s “Meteora World Tour”, “Pink Floyd World Tour 1968” etc. The Design Concept, which I will be doing, is for an Outdoor Music Festival in a park for a rock band. The purpose of this event would be to entertain people with their musical skills, which in turn would also advertise themselves among the masses. The entire event would be of 2-hour duration. Being an Outdoor

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