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1. Introduction
“Design Driven Innovation” (Verganti, 2009) or “Design Inspired Innovation” (Utterback et al., 2006), a concept of design-oriented (or novel meaning oriented) product/service planning, is now widely recognized as one of the most competitive business creation approaches. This approach focuses concept oriented product development to bring a novel meaning into the product, as represented by iPod (Apple Inc.), Allesi’s kitchen wares (Allesi S.p.A.) and Wii (Nintendo Corp.). A unique product concept and a consistent strategy overcome various market barriers or technological obstacles. Indeed, iPod established a new virtual market for the music industry, Swatch turned watches into daily dress-up accessories from lifelong
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In this regard, a global leading design consulting firm, IDEO, provides rich implications to us. Their core value, “design thinking” is based on a typical skill set for industrial designers (Brown, 2009). Design thinking focuses an user observation, an user experience understanding, a brain storming with various actors, trials and tribulations. Industrial designers, using such methods, have been led design-driven innovations. However, even they can bring innovative concept, it still remains unclear whether industrial designer can manage interaction between design and technology.
We can assume that industrial designers potentially contribute to technology innovation. Borja de Mozota(2003) discussed the potential ability of industrial designers to contribute to technological improvement. He mentioned that some designers mediate technologies among organizations.
Nevertheless, design and technology are regarded as “apples and oranges” or “oil in water”(Candi, 2010) in corporate strategy. Especially, among high technology firms, design rarely captures their attention; for example, although positive relations are found between attractive new customers and using educated designers, a limited number of Scandinavian high-tech startups use such designers (Candi, 2010). Under such a condition, it is hard for designers to enroll in a technology development. Also, Moody(1980) found in several UK Design Awarded firms that design stimulate technological innovation

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