Design Effect. Introduction. Both Articles Mention The

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Design Effect
Both articles mention the effect of a classroom’s design. The only difference is whether the students join the work or not. “What’s really happening in Parker classroom?” students are too young to join the work, and “Innovation and Design Course Prompts Learning by Doing” students are too mature to join the work. These articles focus on similar topic but “Innovation and Design Course Prompts Learning by Doing” called this topic, the program, “Pathway Program.”
Design and Education Christ Silberman, who wrote “What’s really happening in Parker classroom?” visited Douglas Country School District and worked there for a few years to do her research. She had helped review grant applications for a local arts funder
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They liked being able to make and create by hand. Of course, they were interested in the lessons too. “One look around the large, well-equipped classroom tells you these students aren’t here because they have to be; there’re here because they want to be.” (Eidam, 2015).
The pathway program is actually the main idea described in the article. The author writes about San Juan High School’s participation in a Career Pathway program that is designed to teach the students real-world skills through its interactive coursework. They said they understand how class would be attended by looking around the classroom.
Teachers who join the pathway program work designing classrooms where students make leading the class lessons easy and can learn real-world skills with fun. “And that’s the big idea – supply them with information, give them the tools and set them loose on projects they care about. The learning will follow. The school’s pathway program is the latest answer to longstanding debate over how instill real-world, career-focused education into the hearts and minds of increasingly distractible youth.” (Silberman, 2016).
This program is nice not only physiologically and economically but also socially. In addition, Douglas Country School District’s elementary students will actually grow to know what exactly they like, because they learned early in elementary school. Both Douglas Country School District’s elementary students and San Juan High School’s
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