Design Engineering And Computer Engineering

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In my early life I want to become a casino owner but now I work as a mechanical design engineer in a defense company. Within our business establishment we designs, develops and delivers sonar apparatus to the Royal Navy and exports apparatus to navies around the globe. Professionally I am a design engineering and delivering projects as well as design support, but I also expert in stress analysis, predominantly finite aspect analysis I have forever had an attention in engineering and mechanical engineering was the most relaxed fit. The company I decided to work for made the work I would be doing sound extremely interesting and presented very strong graduate development modules. Main criteria I am using in choosing to work for the company were varied and appealing work and the chance to develop. On shop floor my main development has been in CAD and finite component analysis software, developing my talent in these tools to use them as professionally as possible. I have also undergone considerable development in soft skills preparation like giving presentations and working in teams. The software training was particular to my role, but the soft skills development has impacts during my working tenure. I like the creativity concerned in my role and the liability. I repeatedly work on demanding projects and it is up to me to develop a way out to a problem. This allows me a broad scope for creativity. I am also finally responsible for my actions so I am given important responsibility
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