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Design Enterprise-Level Business System Paper
Business Systems Development II

Design Enterprise-Level Business System Paper 1.0 Design methods for developing an enterprise-level information system There are many things that have to happen correctly in the design phase in order for an enterprise-level business system to be effective. In order for the system to be effective, it should align with strategy, reduce costs, improve productivity, promote timely execution, enable better decision making, leverage emerging technologies, ensure acceptable levels of control and risk management, optimize the skills and capabilities of the organization, and promote collaboration across the extended enterprise. (The
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Resources like manpower, supply chains, and information are all considered inputs. Output is finished product, whether it is in manufacturing or some other means. Each business should ultimately “do” something, but this might not be tangible. An effect could be the result of output. The effect of this process may have demonstrable impact on other business divisions, these relationships should be displayed. 3.0 Business process mapping tools The tools used to produce these models are varied. Some of the tools out there have trial software that can be used to get a feel for the product. Questetra BPM Suite, for example, is free for ten concurrent processes or less. This means that you can chart out a small sample office and see how it works. A more mature application can be more expensive. It depends upon how integrated the software needs to be. The scope of the project will help determine what the budget on tools should be. Businesses that found strategic alignment around a mission to be useful to the company may be more willing to invest in really good business process management software. A complete understanding of the business will contribute greatly to the success of any enterprise resource planning initiative. Outside consultants may be brought in to help plan and map out these processes for a business if the business lacks someone with the expertise. I don’t
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