Design & Fabrication Of Helical Coiled Solar

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Abstract - This paper is concerned with Design & Fabrication of Helical Coiled Solar Water Heater with auto tracking device under the local climatic condition. Solar Parabolic Dish is currently used for the Water heating and cooking applications. Generally Solar Parabolic Dishes are fixed focus point concentrators, but in order to achieve higher thermal efficiency we tried to make itline focus concentrator by using a unique receiver (copper tube in the form of helical coil) mounted at focal point.We are using copper helical coiled through which water will circulate. Helical coil as more thermal efficiency compared to straight tube coil. This paper presents experimental platform based on the design, development and performance characteristics of direct hot water generation by auto-tracking solar parabolic dish concentrating system. Due to auto tracking system in daytime continuous hot water will be available. Index Terms– Absorber, Parabolic Dish, receiver, solar water heater, Auto Tracking Device I. INTRODUCTION Solar energy is the primary source of energy for our planet. The average solar energy reaching the earth in the tropical zone is about 1 kwh/m2 and total radiation over a day is at best about 7 kwh/m2. The solar constant Isc is the rate at which energy is received from the sun on a unit area perpendicular to the rays of the sun, at the mean distance of the earth from the sun the value of Isc is 1353 w/m2. Increased utilization of solar energy in our country would
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