Design Flaws From Two Perspectives

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5.3 Limitations

For next part, let’s look into this research critically. All the research has its design flaws. Research is a long process, it requires time and the best developed techniques. In this research, it is going to analyse the research flaws from two perspectives, one is from the research design and the other one is from the researcher. For research design, the following perspectives will be measured: sample size, time, lack of data, certain consumers, gender, age and income. For researcher, the researcher’s background, access will be measured. As this research also used secondary data, it will be measured as well.

First of all, the sample size will be evaluated. In this research, it used two types of methods, one is survey,
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It is not that easy to evaluate result in this fast-changing digital world. Therefore, this research’s access to secondary data is very limited.

As for next limitation, it was sample selection (certain customer). Human being is the most complex creature on earth, when things tie to people, it will become complicated. It is not easy to understand when certain selected sample talking about his/her own experience, whether it is objective or subjective. It always reflect the situation he/she is in, or the mood he/she has on the day of carrying out survey. In this research, when the researcher carrying out the survey on the street, one of the selected sample had a huge fight with her family in the morning, she was nice enough to agree to answer the questions, but it might affect the answer itself. As for interview method, the same issue applied. Even though the interviewees were carefully chose by evaluating their background and knowledge to the research question, it could still be bias.

Gender is another limitation for this research. When carrying out this survey on the street, as the location the researcher chose was in front of a shopping mall. When design the research methods, the purpose of choosing in front of a shopping mall was because it will be bias otherwise. For example, if chose a school, the age of the samples will be limited; if chose an office building, the education background will be
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