Design For Change Proposal : Implementing Hourly Rounding

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Design for Change Proposal: Implementing Hourly Rounding
Improving patient safety and increasing patient satisfaction while in the hospital is an ongoing issue in hospitals. Developing a plan to make changes within hospitals is the first step in accomplishing this task. The design plan for change is to improve patient safety, decrease risk of falls and increase patient satisfaction by implementing intentional hourly rounding for older adult patients (over the age of 65) admitted to a 40 bed telemetry unit at an acute care hospital. For each hourly round preformed a preselected group of question will be asked by the nurse or nurse’s assistant as well as informing the patient when the next hourly round will be conducted.
Change Model Overview
The John Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model describes how practice, education and research are the foundation for professional nursing. Practice is first, nurses need to question the basis of their practice and utilize an evidenced based approach to validate or change their current practice. Next is education, nurses’ education is basic in the beginning however with ongoing education nurses are able to gain new knowledge and skills throughout their careers. Finally is research, research generates new information for the nursing profession and allows for improvement of practice based on scientific evidence and research. (Dearholt & Dang 2012, p. 34-40).
Practice Question
Step 1: Recruit Interprofessional Team
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