Design For Pedestrian Transportation System At Gandhi Chawk,

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Design for pedestrian transportation system at Gandhi Chawk, Junagadh
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A Project Report

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1.1 Introduction:

India is second biggest populated nation of the world. So Indian face extensive activity issues. Also, the most movement issues make at crossing point.
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1.2 Aim:
Aim of the our project is to provide better facility to pedestrian in existing structure and make traffic free roads with speeds transportation by provide pedestrian over bridge.
1.3 Objective:
• To study about exiting pedestrian flow characteristics based on hourly volume variation and saturation flow.
• Provide pedestrian facility in existing structure.
• Avoid accidents.
• Make transportation Speedy.
• Provide signals and divert traffic with planning.
• Provide traffic distribution system which help to minimize problems specially for people to crossing the road.
1.4 Need of the pedestrian transportation system

Walking is a basic human activity and an integral part of day to day life yet it needs To have safe and comfortable pedestrian circulation it is necessary to go for development of pedestrian facilities like,
• Provide foot over bridge and footpaths to increase passenger capacity and safety.
• Safe facilities for walking and crossing the road should be provided that will be used maximum by all people.
• Pedestrian spaces should be designed in consideration of human convenience and have to be qualitatively suitable to the needs of human beings.

Steel used in bridge

Steel used for bridges may be grouped into the following three categories:

 Carbon Steel: This is the cheapest steel available for structural users where stiffness is more important than the strength. Indian steels have yield stress values up to 250 N/mm2 and

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