Design Management And Modern Project Management Essay

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Project management is ovary found in many scenarios. It is a universal practice that comprises few basic concepts. In essence, every project in the world will require project management. Project management has different sides and variations. Nonetheless, the basic principles are the same for the different varieties. It is important to note that each variation has unique features. These features are used to address unique problems and conditions as specified by each domain. Two types of project management exist. The two are traditional project management and modern project management.
Traditional project management
The traditional project management method is widely known for the use of orthodox approaches and techniques in management. The methods have been in practice for decades. The long existence of the model stipulates that they are favorable for most domains. Even so, the evolution of technology and business models called for a change in managing projects. The traditional project management is best defined as a process or a set of factors used as tools (Furukawa, 2016).
The tools are used to model an activity with the aim of seeking an end product, outcome or service. The methodology is established for running projects following a subsequent cycle (Mun & Yoon, 2016). There are several steps involved in executing the process. These measures include initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling. For each of these factors mentioned, there are
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