Design Management Design Of A Functional Work Essay

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Design Management
Design management is cross-functional work that has become very important in today’s highly competitive environment. Management design is among the key strategic activity in many organisations and makes a foundation on which organisation’s operations are built, including the very important activities such as managerial hierarchies and grouping of the workers. Management design shows business leadership structure setting forth lines of authority and the reporting line in the business. Such a design is very important because it enables stakeholders to understand their role in the organisation. A well-designed leadership structure helps to curb leadership wrangles which can adversely affect the running of the organisation. Without clear management design, employees are likely to get misguided or confused. To avoid such mistakes, it is very important to develop an effective management design that guides. In addition, it is only through a very effective management design that an organisation develops a culture recognised by the executive, management, and the employees. Management design put in place by a company can have long lasting effects on the company’s culture. For example, creating managerial hierarchy and grouping of employees in different departments significantly affects how the employees interact with each other which can form a part of organisation’s culture. Managerial design can dictate the employees who solve
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