Design New Services For Jamuna Bank

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Service design and development is very important for a bank like Jamuna that is our concern now. From our observation we find out that they are far behind then other banking service providers. So in this section they have to come up with new plans and findings. If we are thinking about design new services for Jamuna Bank then we have to find out those sectors where we are going to implement those programs. From our findings we come to know about they are much behind in online banking, customer service, ATM system and infrastructure. So in this sectors we need to work more to satisfy our second God, our customers. According to Mr. Rakib Ur Rashid, First Executive officer of Jamuna Bank (Jurain SME Branch), “service development and design” functions handle by the “Research and development (R&D) department; located in head office. Officials of R&D department sit with the directors and president to design new service and schemes for the clients. Therefore the procedures are credential and not shareable towards the externals. So in the upcoming part I am going write my suggestions about “service development and design” Basically product design and development sector divided in two parts. They are planning section and implementation. In planning section we got new service strategy development then come idea generation, concept development evaluation and business. In implementation section we got service
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