Design Of A Standby Generator

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SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL and ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical Services Engineering Program Code: DT083 YEAR 4 Module: Electrical Plant 2 Lecturer: Thomas Woolmington Student Name Karl Kidd Student Number D02127276 Class Group A Assignment 1 Assignment title: Design of a Standby Generator Date issued 12/2/16 Due by Date returned DECLARATION I hereby certify that the material, which is submitted in this assignment/project, is entirely my own work and has not been submitted for any academic assessment other than as part fulfilment of the assessment procedures for the program (DT083) Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical Services Engineering (B.Eng Tech). Signature of student:…………Karl Kidd………. Date:……………………………………… Contents Introduction 1 Choice of generator 1 Mode of Operating & Starting 2 Load transfer 3 Prevention of islanding 3 Type of alternator/ exiter unit 4 Engine Type 4 Electrical Interface 5 Fuel and fuel storage 7 Noise Levels 7 Air intake and Exhaust 8 Maintenance 8 Location 8 Containment 8 Fire implications 9 Peak lopping 9 Conclusion 10 Figure 1 The SDMO T22K Generator 1 Figure 2 ATS021 Automatic transfer switch 2 Figure 3 Switching of non-priority loads 3 Figure 4 MECC ALTE ECP 28-1LN/4 Alternator 4 Figure 5The Mitsubishi S4Q2SD 4 Figure 6 The Apm 303 Standard controller 5 Figure 7 The APM 303 Standard Controller 5 Figure 8 TELYS Optional
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