Design Of An Exhibition Gallery

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Some are like sea serpents, others like office cubicles, but regardless the shape, all art museum galleries intend to give viewers a certain experience. The flowing into, out of, and around gallery spaces within an art museum can positively or negatively affect the patron’s experience. Unfortunately, when the design of an exhibition gallery negatively affects a viewer, a disservice is done to the artists and culture of the artworks on view. On view in the permanent collection of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas is the exhibition of several seventeenth and eighteenth century artworks with Spanish influences, accompanied by a single Japanese artifact of the same era. At first glance, all the pieces on display within this…show more content…
The grouping of these paintings is quite clear from a historical and visual standpoint. The paintings each feature warm colors with a splash of vibrancy, apparent subjects, perhaps due to their monochromatic backgrounds, and also display the same sort of calm and collected subject matter that much of Spanish Baroque art concentrated on. The Wine Flask, whose creator is unknown, fits in with warm color scheme and dates back around the same time as the rest of the exhibition, however it has a known origin of Japan. Entering the gallery from the main corridor, the patron has two openings to choose from, one on the left and one on the right, due to the placement of a single white vista wall. With a single exit way on the side parallel to the entryways, a bench placed in the center of the gallery, and no floor designs suggesting a specific route, the intended circulatory path of this exhibition is unclear. To view each artwork within the exhibition and exit into the next gallery, the viewer is forced to travel the same path they came at least once. Having an undefined pathway in the layout of this gallery leads to further issues in the exhibition. The most apparent issue is that the viewer is unable to immediately recognize if there is a focal piece in the gallery. Being in a rectangular room with two parallel white vista walls and the remaining walls being featured in the same beige stone material with no single focal lighting element,
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