Design Of Design And Technology

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Design and Technology flourished out of hands-on craft base subjects, with the original focus on developing students’ physical skills. Practical lessons in craft based subjects became firmly established in secondary schools in the UK in the 1960s through to the 1970s. Design and Technology was first introduced into the school curriculum in England and Wales in 1989. (Martin and Owen-Jackson, 2013, Owen-Jackson, pg.65) Design and Technology originates from craft based traditions, industrial and manufacturing practices and embracing new technologies. Design and Technology is both a skill focused and knowledge focused subject in that it is about what they make and also what they learn. Design and Technology is a dynamic endlessly changing subject with the skills and knowledge surrounding the subject developing with time. Principles and concepts surrounding Design & Technology must remain relevant to the time in order for students to gain the most from the subject.
The National Curriculum was first introduced in 1988 with ‘technology as a compulsory subject for pupils aged 5-16. In 1995 it was revised and renamed ‘Design & Technology’ which include Resistant Materials, Systems Control, Food and Textiles. In 2007 Design & Technology became compulsory for pupils in Key Stage 1 to 3, and KS4 and KS5 students had a choice as to whether they wanted to study it further as a GCSE or A-level. (Owen-Jackson, 2008. Pg1). Since the review of the National Curriculum in 2011 (Barlex et al,
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