Design Of Fpez Source Network With Reduced Switches Fed Induction Motor

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DESIGN OF FPEZ-SOURCE NETWORK WITH REDUCED SWITCHES FED INDUCTION MOTOR K.Vasudevan1 and L.Parimala2 1Research scholar (PT) - Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE, Sriram Engineering College 2L.Parimala, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE, Sriram Engineering College, Chennai ABSTRACT: This Project deals with a fully parallel Embedded Z-source inverter to control the three phase induction motor. Z-Source inverter is a single-stage converter which performs both buck-boost energy conversions using the LC impedance network. The further advancement in the Z-Source inverter is the partially parallel Embedded Z-Source inverter that can produce same gain as Z-Source inverter. Energy from the solar cell is taken as input to the EZ-source inverter. The ripple content of the solar cell output voltage is reduced using Parallel EZ-Source (PEZS) inverter. In order to overcome the drawbacks of PPEZS, Fully parallel EZ-(FPEZS) Source inverter is proposed. The proposed inverters provide high boost voltage inversion ability, a lower voltage stress across the active switching devices, a continuous input current and a reduced voltage stress on the capacitors. In addition, they can suppress the startup inrush current, which otherwise might destroy the devices. The proposed system reduces six switch three phase inverter to four switch three phase inverter. This makes system compact which reduces cost and switching losses, line harmonics, improves power factor, reliability
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