Design Of Goods And Services

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OM: Design of Goods and Services

Definition: the Design of Goods and Services is fairly much of the transformation process in a firm. The design of process is extremely influential in determining decisions relating to business elements such as Cost, quality, human resources. Additionally, to survive in the business arena, a firm must design goods and services to meet the needs and wants of their customers (Heizer & Render, 2011). 1: One component in the design of products is the processes that the products pass through. Rogo and his team discussed this process as they reviewed the process of work in progress with Stacey on those parts that go through the robot area while trying to determine the bottlenecks within the company

2: Another component in the designing products is the maximization of the number of adequate products produced by having Quality control process moved to the beginning of the bottleneck so that the bottleneck only process good parts. Technological advancement and innovations have prompted companies like CVS to redesign their workflow spaces and workflow to accommodate their newly developed minute clinics or specialty clinics. The newly developed clinics which are currently providing faster, affordable, quality healthcare to the CVS customers has greatly enhanced the profitability of the company within the market.

Managing Quality the quality of

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