Design Of The Building A Gallery

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• The building went for sale around 2010 and was recently acquired by Urban Splash Development.

• The Civic Centre (Council House and South block) will be converted into a gallery.

• The gallery will house permanent exhibitions about slavery, temporary spaces for other exhibitions, a restaurant, a roof garden and gallery shop.

Adaptive Reuse

• Large windows on the restaurant for great visual experience of the site.

• At night, warm lighting will frame the large windows.

• Propose roof garden with seating areas to enjoy the views of the Hoe and Water Front (seaside and greenery).

• Bright lighting on the canopy entrance for a more inviting atmosphere.

• Large and clear signage of the gallery

• Some parts of the
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The east and west facades have solid even groups of 432 windows set over granite panels. The windows themselves are demonstrated, with recessed upper windows coated in a prismatic glass that was expected to offer interest and break the consistency of the building in strong sunlight. The green granite panels beneath the windows are additionally adjusted with a slight variety of shading and arranged in a series of Fibonacci arrangement of harmonic proportions which was expected to symbolise the diversity of experiences within the building and reduce the dullness of what generally is a uniform exterior. The building is topped by a `butterfly ' rooftop overhang, which seems unsupported when seen from the ground.

At its base the central part of the tower introduced an open and transparent aspect, being glazed on both east and west façades, with the entire block being cantilevered out and "visually" carried on just four columns by the exchange structure at second-floor level. The main entrance, public foyer and the west courtyard has connecting axis to the east side across the Great Square.

COUNCIL HOUSE (Exterior: Original Design)

• Arranged in a two storey block (3:1 plan ratio)

• Council Chamber located on the upper level (double height ‘piano nobile’) raised on two tapered pilots over the east ceremonial entrance.

• The block is open at each end (west and east) with solid Storey height panel along its sides, and large
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