Design Of The Study On Art Education Curriculum And Practices

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Chapter Three: Methodology
Design of the Study
This qualitative research study examines ideas concerning how art education curriculum and practices might best engage students living in poverty. The main research question asks: How might art education curriculum and practices best engage students living in poverty? Sub questions that developed from the initial research question are: What art curriculum can be implemented to best engage students living in low SES situations? What teaching practices can be implemented in art lessons to encourage student engagement? The study was structured to develop insight and understanding concerning what curricula and practices art educators employ to best engage students living in low SES situations.
Research Methods
Due to the time restraints of the research project, data was collected through three interviews and two observations held at a summer art program that hosts students, eighty-five percent of which are living in low SES circumstances. The researcher conducted three interviews with a diverse group of art educators on the topic of engaging students in art, focusing on their experiences, observations, and ideas connected to the research questions. The researcher developed semi-structured, open-ended interview questions (see Appendix A: Interview Protocol) based on the research questions. Nine questions were asked during the interviews, most of the questions were the same or similar, with some questions changed to match the
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