Design Of Training And Programs For New Supervisors For Your Company

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The following proposal concerns the design of training and programs for new supervisors for your company. Starting a new business can be a challenging task and your success will be determined by finding the right people to do the required work. Finding good supervisors who have the skills required for selecting and appraising employees is key. All levels of supervision share this task. The first step is to find employees that meet the requirements of the jobs and to retain those employees. This is achievable through the employee selection process, goals and appraisal, training and discipline. One of the most important tasks your new supervisor will need to perform is selecting new employees that will be a good fit with your company. There…show more content…
To determine if an applicant is a good fit for the job pre-employment testing and interviews will be conducted for qualified applicants. Some of the tests that can be utilized are IQ, Aptitude, Personality, and skill test. All pre-employment tests must be approved by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). When conducting the pre-employment interview the supervisor should have a list of prepared questions pertaining to the job specifications. During the interview the supervisor should provide the applicant with information about the company and the specific job. This will help the applicant ask more detailed questions and will also assist them in determining whether to accept or reject the job. References checks with the information obtained in the application and interview process are a good way to unveil past performance issues if any were present in previous employment. These checks can also reveal information that was omitted throughout the previous steps. The supervisor will make his preliminary selection for the applicant they feel is the best fit but the final hiring decision will be handled by human resources due to their expertise in this field. After the hiring process, the supervisor should set goals for the new employees to achieve, within their given job. The goals that the supervisor should set are those that are required to succeed in the position and also ones that will help the employee grow. The goals set when the employees were hired will
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