Design Oriented And Patterns Oriented Perspective On An Enterprise Architecture Framework Essay

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a coherent set of descriptions, covering a regulations-oriented, design-oriented and patterns-oriented perspective on an enterprise, which provides indicators and controls that enable the informed governance of the enterprise’s evolution and succesd1. In simple terms, an EA is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure of an organization in terms of its operation and interaction among various units within it.
As organizations become larger, operations management become bigger and more cumbersome, hence the need for an enterprise architecture framework that can describe the underlying infrastructure, providing the groundwork for the hardware, software, networks and people to work2.
There are a number of enterprise architecture framework in use today with many of them having similar views and approaches in an attempt to address various needs and concerns of an organization. Zachman framework for enterprise architecture is one of the major EA framework in use today and is considered to be one of the pioneers in the ES domain. Zachman EA framework adopts principles of classical architecture that establish a common vocabulary and set of perspectives for describing complex enterprise systems2. The Zachman Framework is made up of six perspectives or views, which are Planner, Owner, Designer, Builder, Subcontractor, and User. The second dimension of Zachman’s Framework deals with the six basic questions: what, how, where, who,
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