Design Plan for Talkie: An Interactive Children's Toy

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The purpose of this paper is to describe a toy that I have designed for preschool children. In this paper, I will also discuss how my toy would promote the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of preschool children. Play is very important for preschool children’s development because information processing is steady and ongoing in several areas of rationalization. The toy I have designed will involve parental and peer involvement to encourage the development of language skills through operant conditioning and imitation (Berk, 2010, p. 181). The name of the toy I have designed is “Talkie: The Interactive Phone That Does More Than Just Talk”. This toy is designed for preschool children between the ages of 2-5 years.…show more content…
Children learn to assert control over their environment through dictating their play and interaction with peers. By taking control of their daily activities through the world of play and make- believe, children learn to achieve their responsibilities and encounter challenges (Berk, 2010, p. 257). During this stage it is imperative for parents to encourage their children to explore and make suitable decisions, independently. It is also crucial for parents not to be dispiriting or dismissive, which may lead to their preschoolers feeling ashamed and overly dependent upon help from others. “Talkie” is a mobile toy that is easy to take along; therefore, it can be used either in the privacy of one’s own home or even in additional care givers’ homes. This is helpful because it gives the child the ability to feel important as well as independent because they have access to a phone in which they can interact and communicate with adults and their peers; just like an adult. “Talkie” can be used by parents to promote language development in their preschool children by simply talking to them through the mobile phones. Language development can be achieved through the utilization of “Talkie” by teaching children to speak in a clear, correct, and simple manner. When parents engage in conversation through the phone with their child it is important that they avoid using baby

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