Design Principles

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Design Principles and Application The scale for the design that has been decided is a scale of 1:500. This has been chosen as it is the most appropriate and realistic size for the construction company to work from. The plan that has been sketched, has detail of the basic materials that will be used for the roof, walls and window types. Having looked at the area of where the construction will take place, the look that has been chosen is more of a modern but cosy home like feel to it. This has been decided as a vintage or a futuristic design will not work as the homes are aimed for families and for both young people and old people. This will attract a wider audience and will sell more. Accuracy is an important factor in the…show more content…
|indicators (KPIs) for the project. | | |Appraisal |interests, |Preparation of studies to enable |Consider funding and procurement strategy | | | |architect/ |the Client to decide whether to |(traditional). | | | |lead designer |proceed and to select the probable |To also consider which contract to apply for. | | | | |procurement method. The final stage|Suggest funding proposition. | | | | |is a particularly
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