Design Techniques For Microstrip Patch Antenna Design

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Design techniques for Microstrip Patch Antenna
Miss Borhade M. V.(ME Signal Processing) 1 Prof. Mrs. Dhede V. M.(Ph.D. Registered) 2 JCEI’S JCOE ,Kuran

The main aim of this paper is to give overview on Micro strip patch antenna design using different defected ground structures for improving the performance parameters of the antenna such as Gain, Directivity, and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio. Return Loss. By giving proper patch length ,patch width, substrate material such as FR4 with dielectric constant 4.4 and thickness 1.6mm,boundary material such as Vacuum/air, most important the patch material such as nickel and by adding array with DGS we can improve the performance of patch antenna.
Key Terms- Array antenna, Defected Ground Structure , HFSS , S-Parameter , VSWR ,Radiation pattern
I. INTRODUCTION In today’s generation of wireless communication system, the Micro strip patch antenna plays very important role. There are different advantages of high performance Micro strip patch antenna such as small size, light weight ,low cost, low volume and easy to fabricate .Like no of advantages Micro strip Patch antenna has some drawbacks such as low gain, narrow bandwidth, low efficiency. These drawbacks can be minimizing by changing the design parameters of patch antenna or by
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